SAFRA Mount Faber

Dear SAFRA Members and Guests,

Please be informed that SAFRA Mount Faber will be undergoing general maintenance works, including façade painting around the swimming pool area.

The swimming pool will be closed from 1 - 23 Apr 2019 for safety and hygiene purpose and will reopen on 24 Apr 2019. During this period, you may visit the swimming pool at other SAFRA clubs.

Visit for the operating hours.
For the latest updates, visit SAFRA Mount Faber Facebook Page.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.
Thank you.

The Management of SAFRA


Dear SAFRA Members and Guests,

Please be informed that the Toilets outside the Multi-Purpose Hall will be closed for enhancement works from Sun, 2 Sep 2018 till further notice.

Please use alternative access to other toilets at the following locations:

» Level 1 near the Swimming Pool gantry

» Level 2 outside Summer Garden

» Level 2 within SuperBowl premise

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we seek your understanding during the upgrading period as we strive to serve our members better.


    Where The Fun Begins

    Banner Image

    SAFRA Mount Faber injects a little excitement to the lush green environs of Mount Faber – with a wide range of amenities to suit everyone!

    We are excited to announce a new look for SAFRA Mount Faber!

    The enhancement works will begin 16 July 2018, and will see the entire club take on a fresh industrial chic look with new facilities and amenities by mid-June 2019.

    Members and guests can anticipate new dining options, such as a drive-thru Fatburger outlet, expect brand new dedicated co-working spaces fully equipped with high-speed wi-fi, and more.


    SAFRA Mount Faber - Artist Impressions


    Below is the list of facilities that will be affected while others will continue to operate.

    Category Type of Facilities Status
    Recreation BBQ Pits & Canopy Decks Business as usual.
    EnergyOne Gym
    Futsal Court
    Indoor Multi-purpose Hall
    Outdoor Multi-purpose Court
    Swimming Pool
    Education NurtureStars Preschool Business as usual.
    Entertainment SuperBowl Business as usual.
    Games Room Closed.
    The Winners’ Circle Temporarily relocated to Basement 1.
    F&B Mount Faber Steakhouse & Brewery Business as usual.
    Summer Garden
    Others Customer Service Counter Temporarily relocated to Level 1, next to swimming pool gantry.
    The LifestyleMart Business as usual.
    Mach Accessories Business as usual.

    *The above information is accurate as of Thu, 3 Jan 2019.


    Facilities and amenities

    Our wide range of facilities and services include

    Carpark Rates

    Vehicle Type Day & Time Member Public
    Cars Off-Peak
    (Mon - Sat,
    6.00am to 5.59pm )
    $1.25 per hour
    Progressive rate for subsequent duration in
    15-minutes blocks at $0.32
    $2.30 per hour
    Progressive rate for subsequent duration in
    15-minutes blocks at $0.58
    (Mon - Sat,
    6.00pm to 5.59am next day;
    Sun & PH,
    6.00am to 5.59am next day)
    $2.40 per entry $4.00 per entry
    Motorcycles Daily
    6.00am to 5.59am
    $0.60 per entry $1.35 per entry

    *Rates are inclusive of GST | 10 mins grace period