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Dance is a showcase of talent, skills and expression. Find out about some of the most iconic genres here and learn how they first came to life!

Top 10 Romantic Getaways

Do you find yourself checking out a lot of travel deals these days even though you're supposed to be working? Well, that's a sign you should take advantage of it and pack your bags to go! Bring your loved one for a great holiday you need.

10 Hottest Fictional Characters You Wish You Could Date

Celebrity crushes are common. Sometimes, the reason for watching our beloved TV shows and movies is because of a certain character. Check out our fun dream Valentines list to see if your favourite is in it!

10 Quirky Valentine's Day Gifts

 Valentine's Day is in one week and your loved one may be expecting some gifts. Here's our guide on what NOT to get for them!

How to Say "I Love You"

Knowing how to speak in more than a couple of languages can be useful when you travel abroad. For this coming Valentine's Day, surprise your loved one by saying "I love you" in some of the most romantic languages of the world!