10 Smartest Travel Hacks for the Satisfying Vacation You Want

10 Smartest Travel Hacks for the Satisfying Vacation You Want

Planning for a good holiday may not be the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it can be quite stressful, which pretty much defeats the purpose of it altogether. But don’t give up just yet!

There are plenty of ways you can ensure your trip would be a smooth one. The trick is in the preparations where you do all that you can to keep things simpler for yourself throughout your vacation, all the way till you’re back home feeling more refreshed than ever.


People always advise to start packing early before you leave for your trip but the truth is that you don’t really have to. You can still pack your luggage the night before a 6am flight (totally possible and only if you like the challenge). What’s more crucial is getting the things you need first. Acquiring the necessary medication, travel-sized toiletries, books and movies for your entertainment needs and a copy of your holiday itinerary should be at the top of your to-do list. 

Once you’ve finally gotten those, you can get to packing but who says you have to be miserable here? Packing as much as you want in as little space as possible is completely doable. You just need to find multiple ways to use a few certain items which can save you both space and even time. That’s right! Keeping things organised before any trip would help tremendously. 

Here we have 10 of our favourite travel hacks that can benefit you for both staycations and overseas trips, short or long. So sit back, relax and learn the cheat codes for the best stress-free holiday you truly deserve!


Photo sourced from buzzfeed.com

1. Turn an old sunglasses case into a mini first aid kit with bandages and medication (anything for headache, cold or diarrhoea is super useful!) etc. If you have another sunglasses case, store your loose cables (mobile devices and cameras etc) in there.This makes it easy to find things later.

2. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them as you pack may be a great idea to save space and stay wrinkle-free but what good does that do if you can’t keep them clean from your shoes? Pack your shoes in a plastic bag to avoid them from touching the rest of your luggage. Keep a few other bags in the luggage for dirty clothes too.

3. Use your smart phone to take a picture of your passport, identification card and itinerary and email them to yourself. This extra copy of each would be extremely useful in case you lose any of them. Plus, you get to keep all of this in one place and stay paperless! Mother Nature thanks you. Source: lifehack.org

4. Even if you plan on getting lost for a cool but safe experience, always be prepared. Without buying a map, save maps of important areas during your trip on your phone by keying in “ok maps” in the Google Maps app. This way, you get to view maps in offline mode without having the need to scramble for a WiFi hotspot.


5. Want to know the best places in town to eat? Follow this gem of an advice by American chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain (see picture above).

6. If you love reading, you’d love this other great tip by Anthony Bourdain. Read fiction books set in the location you’re visiting. While guidebooks are useful, they don’t offer the same information that would provoke a sense of appreciation for the little details that make a place unique and interesting. He recommends reading something romantic about the destination you’re heading towards. Source: esquire.com

7. When booking for flight tickets, you can’t ever guarantee that you’d be able to sit with your companion. Chances are low if you’re trying to seat for your whole family but if it’s just you and your spouse, you can reserve the aisle and window seats. Later, you can ask to switch seats with the person in the middle so you can sit next to your partner. Source: distractify.com


8. The idea of being all cooped up in a plane isn’t at all appealing so how can we handle a long flight that lasts for at least a few hours? The answer is simply to just sleep it off. It may sound strange but sometimes the in-flight entertainment isn’t always good so why not plug in your earphones and get some shut eye till it’s time to land? In this way, you also get to avoid jet lag during your holiday.

9. Instead of spending money on hotel rooms, check out websites like AirBnB to rent homes, apartments or private rooms from home owners. Not only do you get to save some (depending), you get to interact with helpful locals who can offer great accommodations and insights on less touristy but exciting spots around the city. Source: lifehack.org

10. Save the unpacking for when you’re back home. During your trip, remove only what you need from your bag. This will help prevent you from forgetting something when getting ready for checkout. Source: lifehack.org


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