5 Best Stress Relieving Back and Shoulder Exercises

5 Best Stress Relieving Back and Shoulder Exercises

January is the time when you soak in fun and action in the sun. And there’s nothing more mentally and physically exhausting and exhilarating, than the SAFRA AVventura 2015 – the largest, one-of-a-kind local cross-terrain adventure race!

Back for the 9th year, participants of SAFRA AVventura 2015 is set to tackle multiple disciplines such as trail biking, kayaking, rope ascending, abseiling and mystery obstacles. With such a multitude of sports activities, it’s easy for the unconditioned body to take a toll, especially for those new to this race.

Yes, spraining your back or shoulder is no fun. This nasty scenario can be significantly reduced with adequate stretching and strength training exercises. Stretching increases flexibility and eases muscle tension and pain. Strength training using free weights improve function on the trapezius muscles, and condition the body to build up resilience.

Check out these 5 exercises below to reduce and alleviate possible backache and shoulder injuries!

Brace yourself for the race of epic proportions on Sunday, 11 January, 2015. Click here to learn more about SAFRA AVventura 2015 and register now!

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