5 Reasons Why You Need a Workout Buddy

5 Reasons Why You Need a Workout Buddy

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Trust is simple yet complicated.

It’s simple because that’s the first step you need to build a successful relationship with someone else. When friends trust each other, it creates a bond that becomes tougher to break.

Yet it’s complicated enough to bring on the stress of worry and fear of potential betrayal. Now, you can go on being alone without ever experiencing the pain of losing a dear friend or you can instead consider opening up your world to people and discover something far greater than yourself. You may feel a lot more vulnerable than you’re used to but when it finally does happen, the results could amaze you and improve the lives of all those involved significantly.

It’s the same with exercising. You need trust in yourself to keep training your body for better health. But what happens when you start giving excuses not to head to the gym after work? Or wake up early on Saturdays for a morning run? When you work out by yourself, it’s much easier to lapse back into “lazy mode”. However, when you have a partner to exercise with, you’re less likely to slack and/or give up because you won’t want to cancel on a friend.

If you’re truly serious about improving your game or just getting back into shape, let us give you 5 reasons why you need a workout partner.


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1. Motivation

There are times when you would feel intimidated or self-conscious stepping into the gym full of people. It’s a psychological issue which may even hold you back on your commitment. Don’t let that stop you. Call up a friend who’s willing to work out with you and make up a schedule for it. Make sure it’s someone you’re close with and whom you want to spend time with. In this way, you’ll look forward to every session because you get to hang out with your bud and get some exercise done at the same time.


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2. Helpful company

Having someone by your side during your workouts is useful because they can help watch your form while doing the exercises or if there's anything else that you may be lacking. It’s very crucial to do them properly to avoid injury and that’s what fitness coaches are for. But if you’re not comfortable with strangers, even when asking them to spot you at the bench press station, a friend would be the better option.


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3. Constant support

There are days when you would really dread going for a run or hitting the gym yet you would still put on your gear. Perhaps it’s the favourable company or the continued support for each other that help you find it easier to reach your fitness goals. By showing your commitment to show up for training, you can bet that they would do the same for you if it were on their “bad” days. Plus, who is better than a friend to kick your butt when you’re starting to slack? Answer: No one.


4. Fitness adventure

Exercising may not always be the most fun activity of the day but with a friend, you can make things more exciting. Instead of doing your routine weightlifting or vertical running up and down your housing block, why not challenge your buddy to a good game of tennis or other physical activities like water sports? Or you can both take turns teaching each other something new like a powered-up variation of the plank. E.g. the one with alternating leg raises. When you try new things together, you would push each other’s strengths and abilities thus improving your overall fitness levels.


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5. Recovery partner

Having regular workout sessions alone is not enough. You also need to watch your diet and your fitness buddy can help stop you from reaching for that can of Pepsi after a tough day at the gym. Eat a healthy post-exercise food together.


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