5 Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

5 Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

Fun Fact: You can keep your feet dry while running in the rain by duct tapping the soles around your shoes to prevent water from getting in. Check out our top 5 running hacks to improve your run!


Running a marathon is physically exhausting, mentally draining and incredibly challenging. While training for a marathon is just half the battle, it is the little things that can make or break your goals on the actual day! Take a look at these 5 simple running hacks. You may just find them useful for your upcoming SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon (SSBR)!

Lose Your Training Shoes

For every ounce of weight you're carrying on your body, you lose about 1 second per mile. If you are running long distances races, consider putting on performance trainers as they are lighter than your usual training shoes. Racing shoes are lighter and may help you run faster but do not have good cushioning and support a pair of performance trainers provide. This helps to reduce muscle damage and increase stability, a perfect compromise for most road-race distances.

Use Your Shoelaces


You drove to the marathon site and realised you've got no pockets to keep your car keys! Worry not, just interlock the keys with you shoelaces and carry on with the marathon!

Run With A Partner


Running partners help you unleash your inner beast! They keep you in check, make sure you don't skip a step and also push you to go the extra mile. If you have a faster running partner, they are the perfect companions to ensure that you give a 100% during a marathon.

Trick Your Mind

When you are running, don't overwhelm yourself by thinking too far ahead! Stay in the moment. Set small achievable goals. Instead of counting how far you've run (and how much more you have to cover), focus on overcoming an object in front of you. This tricks your mind into thinking that the target is physically closer and pushes you to run faster.

Frozen Tennis Balls

Sore feet or calves after a run? Try this - use a tennis ball to massage your feet! Stick the tennis balls in the freezer first for added cooling relief and store it in a cooler bag. Right after the marathon, stretch out your legs and gently roll the tennis ball under your feet. No tennis ball? Pack a golf ball instead! A little stretching goes a long way and can prevent injuries.

Still looking for more running hacks? Check out some of the breathing techniques and running tips from SAFRA Running Club. After the marathon day, make sure to take an extra day for recovery and to recuperate.

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