Beerfest Asia 2013

Beerfest Asia 2013

Are you feeling thirsty?

Feeling the brunt of Singapore’s heat?

Then grab an ice cold beer at the fifth installation of Asia’s largest dedicated beer event, Beerfest Asia!

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Organised by local music lifestyle company Timbre Group, the highly popular annual event is taking place at the Marina Promenade between the 13th and 16th June 2013. The four day spectacle will feature over 300 types of beers from all over the world!

Be sure to check out the spanking new beers debuting in Singapore! Look out for UK’s Hollows Ginger Beer which is brewed with Chinese ginger root and one of the strongest beers in the world, the full bodied German beer EKU28. Plus, you will be able to sample the new limited edition British Indian Pale Ale by our very own Archipelago Brewery.

But, that’s not all. True beer enthusiasts should make a pit stop at the festival’s Craft Beer Experience. Immerse yourself in this multi-sensory beer brewing tour as you receive a step by step guide to the brewing process from the brewers themselves. Who knows, you might end up purchasing a home brewing kit and start your own line of beers!

To top things off, there will be non-stop live entertainment by Australian tribute bands, The Fortunate Sons and Killer Queen. They will be playing hits from Creedance Clearwater Revival and Queen. And for those who enjoy a much laid back drinking company, you may want to check out the stand up comedy acts from Comedy Club Asia and some guest comedians from around the world.

Tickets start from S$15, so visit their website for more info now!

Beerfest Asia Survival Guide
So! Being spoilt for choice with 300 over types of beer on offer, you know it’s not going to be a steady walk out of the event venue! But fret not; we have specially compiled a survival guide to help you stay clear from becoming a viral topic on social media!

1. Go in a "wolf pack"
Like the dudes from The Hangover, there is safety in numbers. Try to gather a few friends as you troll round the festival. Not only do you get to sample a bigger variety of beers, you will also have someone spotting you. (Avoid having an “ALAN” in your group unless you don’t mind being spiked!)

2. Taste the beer
One of the most important things to note that this is a public beer festival and NOT a private drinking session that leads to a drunk and disorderly charge (That’s what pubs are for). So please, taste the beer and not gulp it down (Come on, we are not savages or Vikings).

Just like wine tasting, Sample the beer in a tasteful manner. (Well, who knows? By doing that you might be able to taste all 300 over beers?!)

3. Feed your brain and not just the stomach
Beerfest Asia offers you the chance to rub shoulders with the brewers themselves. Seize this opportunity and learn more about beer. It is good to know more about the things you enjoy rather than getting wasted and living in oblivion. Talk and socialise with the vendors and even share a cup of beer with them. After all, beer always tastes better with company.

4. Food is primary, NOT secondary
It is important to line your stomach with a light oily meal before you start downing those drinks. In fact, try pairing the beers with some food for maximum gratification. It also helps starve off that tipsy feeling for a little bit longer.

5. Mixing can get you “hurt real bad”
Don’t go towards the bubbles! This is a no-brainer, but never mix your alcohol. There will be spirits and champagne around, and we know the allure of the golden crisp bubbling champagne is hard to resist. But, DON’T. This is a one-way ticket to getting wasted and pissed with NO coming back. In the words of a Star Wars fatherly figure, “You don’t know the power of the dark side”.

6. Have a break; Have a gulp of water
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! That is the golden rule to keeping sober and avoiding a killer hangover the next day. Besides, you need water to clean your palate before moving on to taste another beer.

Hope our survival guide will help you enjoy the Beerfest in a more meaningful manner. And remember if you are drinking, please do not drive!


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