Chinta Manis Opens at SAFRA Mount Faber!

Chinta Manis Opens at SAFRA Mount Faber!

A Taste of Peranakan Kuehs!

Chinta Manis, the popular Peranakan Patisserrie which specialises in handmade Nyonya Kuehs has now opened its doors at SAFRA Mount Faber. While many kuehs there are kept traditional, you can spot several modern variations that are bound to galvanise your taste buds.

For instance, the Chendol Agar Agar ($0.90) is an inventive comingling of two local delights, Chendol and Agar Agar.

Worth mentioning is that agar agars at Chinta Manis are made of seaweed, hence they are safe for vegetarians and vegans to consume.

Every piece of Kueh is handmade daily, with no preservatives added. Since all the kuehs are hand-rolled and hand-cut, no two kuehs are identical.

Top on the list of my highly recommended items are the Kueh Kosui ($0.70), Ondeh Gula Melaka ($2.50 for a pack of 6), Pulut Seri Kaya ($0.90) and Kueh Lapis ($0.90).

One of the best executed Kueh Kosui in Singapore; the steamed gula Melaka-infused kueh is endearingly soft, well coated with grated coconut.

The seven-layered Kueh Lapis comes in the ubiquitous rainbow version, and a Thai-style pretty-in-pink version. Both are indistinguishable in the taste department. The Pulut Seri Kaya is a perennial favourite of mine. Chinta Manis triumphs over many other renditions in the glory of the generously thick layer of kaya. The ratio of kaya to steamed glutinous rice is exemplary.

Pop the Ondeh Gula Melaka in your mouth and allow it to arouse all given senses as the molten gula Melaka explodes in your mouth.

Looking at the plentiful and colourful variety at Chinta Manis, there is certainly something for everyone.

For more information, visit:

Chinta Manis at 
SAFRA Mount Faber


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