Dial H for Hitchcock!

Dial H for Hitchcock!

Have you ever imagined having a day named after you?

I bet, some people just knew they would make it big one day...like Alfred Hitchcock!

Today is Alfred Hitchcock Day, and most of us are too young to have even seen his films in the cinema. Still, that doesn't stop the far reaching influence of this legendary British filmmaker. 

(If you already didn't know... the cinemas are now showing “Hitchcock”, a bio flick showcasing the master of cinematic suspense. Anthony Hopkins plays Hitchcock!)

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I must say, for a fat man he was pretty "cocky"(suiting his name) with his poses in pictures! Then again, he had the rights to be the man he was, if it wasn't for him we probably wouldn't have gotten the slasher genre at all. Which means, there wouldn't have been Friday the 13th, Halloween and Scream!(just some classics to highlight). In 2007, Hitchcock was voted as one of the greatest british filmakers of all time to have shaped modern cinema in UK's Daily Telegraph.

Here are five quirky facts that you might not have known about the man behind the legend:

1. Hitchcock started off as a title designer

A little known fact about Hitchcock is that he did not jump straight into director’s chair. He started out as an advertising designer with a cable company called Henley’s. It was his growing interest in photography that led him into film production for Paramount Pictures. He served as a title card designer for five years before directing his first film.

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2. Hitchcock was born a day before his wife, Alma Reville

If there ever was a noteworthy love story, it would be the one between Hitchcock and Reville. They were actually born a day apart, with Hitchcock on the 13 August 1899 and Reville on the 14 August 1899. In his early working days, Hitchcock was a regular contributor to the publication, The Henley Telegraph. Although they had not met yet, Hitchcock actually wrote an accurate description of his future wife in his final article, Fedora. Needless to say, they stayed together till his death…

3. Hitchcock always made a cameo in all of his films

If you look closely at Hitchcock’s films, you will notice a recurring obese man in all of them. Chances are that it is the famed director himself. It was notorious that Hitchcock always made a short cameo that the audience started to look out for him.

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4. Hitchcock popularised the ‘MacGuffin’

No, it is not what you think it is (Hitchcock did not pioneered product placement for McDonald’s). A ‘MacGuffin’ is actually a decoy plot which Hitchcock popularised. It usually has no bearing for the audience but is of the utmost importance to the film characters. It can be anything from an object to an abstract concept. It remains employed to this day by renowned directors such as George Lucas.

5. Hitchcock, Sir Alfred Hitchcock actually…

Few people actually realise that Hitchcock was a Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE). He was bestowed the title by Queen Elizabeth II in 1980. When asked by reporters why it had taken him so long to be recognised, he simply said, “I suppose it was a matter of carelessness”.

Here are some of his works!(courtesy of Youtube)
Rear Window


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