Fulfilling a Book-out!

Fulfilling a Book-out!

So having spent the last five days protecting our nation, our men in green are finally getting their well deserved weekend book-out. Just the word, book-out is enough to send any NSF and NSMen’s hearts doing cartwheels. But after sweating and toiling in draining activities like outfield exercises and route marches, most of our green guardians are simply melting into their couch at home!

After a week of serving the nation, book-out time is the NSF and NSMen’s only downtime!
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Needless to say, any free time is generally is precious to those in the armed forces. And instead of wasting their time as a couch potato, we as family members and friends should make an effort to enrich their free time with fun fulfilling activities! Not only will this make our NSFs and NSmen feel more treasured, it also represents an opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship with those sacrificing themselves for the safety of everyone in this great nation!

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach...

Food is our undisputable local heritage and pastime, so what better way to spoil your uniformed protector than to indulge in some mouth-watering cuisine! After listening to the horror tales regarding outfield rations and dubious cookhouse food, we are sure your NSF and NSMen can’t resist the international feast that SAFRA clubhouses have to offer!

A typical cookhouse meal and field ration is all the culinary delight a NSF and NSMen get during the week!
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Sit down for a hearty ribeye steak at local Western food eatery, Astons Specialities or maybe you want to turn Japanese at Restaurant Hoshigaoka? You can even give in to that Korean craving at Kkongdon Barbeque or drop by Porn’s if you want to spice things up with a little Thai! 

From East to West, SAFRA eateries have it all covered!
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However if it is some local flavour that you are after, then get your kopi and kaya toast fix at Ya Kun Kaya Toast or pop into Chinta Manis and savour all those sweet Peranakan kueh delight.  After your satisfying meal, opt for a sweet ending with a cone at Ice Cream Chefs or New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream! SAFRA even has the desired Beer Alley should you want to end off your dinner date with some relaxing drinks!

Enjoy a sweet ending to your meal right here at SAFRA!
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I do; therefore I am...

So after filling your bellies, it is time to fill the reminding book-out time with some meaningful activities. How about further engaging your beloved NSF and NSMen in their interests? Not only is this a good way to learn more about your men in green, you might actually pick up a new passion at the same time!

So why not head down to the SAFRA Photographic Club, and see what develops in our intimate darkroom facilities? Or perhaps, you want to share a heart breaking cinematic moment with your NSF and NSMen? Then you wouldn’t want to miss the Movie Nights that SAFRA organises at our various clubhouses. The award winning local film Ilo Ilo is up next, so remember to bring a tissue along. Finally, you are also welcomed to sing your sadness away at SAFRA’s Kbox and Party World KTV! Pump up your green protector with a rock number or why not have your green companion serenade you with a romantic love song to end off the date? 

Bond over hobby activities right here at SAFRA
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Be a sport...

Okay, so you have had time for your meal to be properly digested. Maybe you or your NSF and NSMen are starting to feel slightly restless. Then it is time to hit the great outdoors and get your blood and sweat working! Start off light with a warm up round of billiard or bowling at SAFRA’s very own Arena Billiard or Super Bowl. Once you have become the master at both, quicken the pace with a round of tennis, badminton or squash! Continue to keep those muscles tight as you tackle the outdoor climbing walls at the SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre!

Get your outdoor workout with SAFRA during the weekends!
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Following that, relax your legs at SAFRA’s Indoor Air Weapon Range and show your NSF and NSMen your very own shooting prowess! Cool down with a light workout in our comprehensive EnergyOne Gyms or just enjoy a dip in the pool! In addition, you can even sign up for a dancing class at our Step Up Learning & Dancing in preparation for the upcoming SAFRA Dance Fiesta’s 4000-Hour Dance-a-thon!

Come on and dance at our SAFRA 4000-Hour Dance-a-thon!

That hits the spot just right...

After such a fun bustling book-out day out, nothing energises your NSF and NSMen more than a complete body massage. Let all the aches and pains from the week training melt away in the capable hands of SAFRA Traditional Javanese Massage Hut’s therapists! In fact, you can even opt to make it a couple’s massage and relax in the soothing physical therapy. 

Make it a couple’s massage at SAFRA for relaxing times!
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With your bodies feeling fresh and relaxed, your NSF or NSMen will have no problems walking over to the LifestyleMart so as to grab any army supplies he needs before book-in. All this book-out indulgent is under one roof at SAFRA

For a full listing of SAFRA’s facilities, click here!

In addition, you can get the full list of SAFRA activities here!

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