Get Fit: Core

Get Fit: Core

With SAFRA Singapore Bay Run (SSBR) 2013 just days away, how are you getting on in your SSBR preparations?

If you are looking to make that final push in training, then you should tune in to the last installation of Get Fit for pointers. Your personal exercise specialist, Roy returns for one last time to show you how to tone those essential core muscles!



Not only will you enjoy improved body balance, these simple exercises will see you maintain your excellent body form and posture to the SSBR finish line!



Check it out below! 

Thank you for following the Get Fit series! From all of us at SAFRA and EnergyOne Gym, we hope that you have a memorable SSBR 2013!


Don’t forget to join us at SSBR 2013!

Click here to learn more about the post-SSBR carnival!

Don’t forget to check out SAFRA and the SSBR Facebook page for the latest updates!



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