Going Solo/Duet

Going Solo/Duet

This year, the NUS Arts Festival starts strongly with the second installation of Solo/Duet by The Human Expression Dance Company (T.H.E). Featuring the company’s first solo feature, the local production will feature dance displays by some of the finest talents in Singapore. T.H.E artistic director, Kuik Swee Boon feels this is an opportunity for the individual dancers to grow and develop their interpretation of dance for an audience.

In keeping with T.H.E mantra of engaging in dynamic overseas collaborations, dancer Yarra IIeto flew over to Hong Kong to work with veteran choreographer, Mui Cheuk-Yin. They gave birth to a solo number which promises to highlight IIeto’s modern take on Chinese classical dance.

On the other hand, T.H.E resident choreographer, Kim Jae Duk worked with duo William Wu and Zhuo Zihao in Seoul to produce a fast paced dance routine. The dark humoured piece will play out to Jae Duk’s signature heart-thumping soundtrack.

To top things off, Swee Boon himself worked with T.H.E dancers, Jessica Christina, Sherry Tay and Lee Mun Wai on a reflective piece that drew on all facets of his own artistic experiences. Swee Boon promises an in depth dance display which reflects his own journey as a local artist.

With such a diverse line up in store, audiences are in for an exhilarating dance odyssey that will leave them breathless.

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