Heels2Wheels: Taiwan

Heels2Wheels: Taiwan

Tired of watching reruns of Long Way Round and Long Way Down (Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s epic motorcycle travelogue)?

Wish that you had your own Motorcycle Diaries adventure like Che Guevara?

Well, it is precisely that unbridled spirit that motivated Singtel TGIS host, Joanne-Marie Sim to zip around Taiwan on a Vespa. Her adventurous journey will be chronicled in the upcoming online series entitled Heels2Wheels: Taiwan.

Heels2Wheels: Taiwan promises to head off the beaten track and showcase the hidden side of Taiwan. Through this travelogue, Joanne hopes to inspire others to travel with an open heart and explore other cultures. Some of the highlights of her trip include visiting quirky cafes, rural townships, a paper mill, a ranch and even an earthquake museum!

On top of all these interesting sights, viewers will also be introduced to the friendly locals that Joanne encounters along the way. The free spirited Joanne feels that it is their stories that make her journey truly memorable.

Check out our exclusive interview with Joanne now!


So be sure to check out Heels2Wheels: Taiwan Facebook page as well as their website!

*Photos courtesy of heels2wheels.tv

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