How to Kick Your Life Up a Notch with SAFRA

How to Kick Your Life Up a Notch with SAFRA

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

When you’ve had a long day at work, it’s important to get a proper chance to unwind. Unless sleep is already beckoning you, invite out a few close colleagues once it’s clock-off time or call up your dinner kakis for a meal and drinks. Better yet, organize a fun activity like playing a quick game of football or watch a movie before you head home. It’s been said that taking a break or vacation is beneficial for mental health so remember to leave all the stresses of the job in the office!

Here in SAFRA, we understand the importance of relaxation after work. At any of our five clubhouses, you’ll be sure to find something fun you can do. What makes it an even sweeter deal is how much more you can gain from the facilities and services when you flash your SAFRA membership card.

As if the new SAFRA DBS card isn’t enticing enough, check out these other membership benefits. Depending on your mood, we’ll show you just how easily you can enjoy them. As for your kids (if you have any), drop them off at the Kidz Amaze for a while as you take a breather from your hard day’s work at the office!

Work Off the Stress

One of the most effective ways to release the pressures of the day is to hit the gym. At all five clubhouses, the EnergyOne gyms house a range of workout machines great for cardio and resistance training, free weights and more. If you would like extra help in personal fitness goals, rehabilitation from an injury or even finally getting around to exercising after such a long time, personal training service is provided. Furthermore, our partnership with the SAF brings more opportunities for those training for their IPPT. So if you need specific workout sessions, check out the IPPT@SAFRA session.

Take advantage of our other sports facilities like the tennis courts or soccer pitches for a fun game with your buddies. Relive your childhood days of playing football with the guys and feel your spirits being lifted. Not only do you get your exercise but you can also get a guaranteed satisfying night’s sleep afterwards.

Look For a Different Thrill

If you’re hoping for something a bit more adventurous, try your hand at our indoor air weapons range in Yishun. Practise your shooting skills with air pistols, air rifles and more. You can save up to $90 if you’re a member.

For a more relaxing activity, check out bowlingbilliards and pool or test your luck at the games room with a few rounds of mahjong or poker or even at the slot machines in The Winners’ Circle.

Another great alternative to de-stress yourself, bring over your karaoke gang and sing the night away! If you prefer somewhere in the north side of Singapore, head to Party World KTV at SAFRA Yishun. You can even organize an office party of up to 50 guests here which could be a perfect way to unwind on a Friday night. As for the K Box at the Jurong and Mount Faber clubhouses, you can stay till 3 or 4am. They also provide a party room where there’s a pool table and a PS3 gaming system.

But if you’re looking for somewhere strictly to play video games, check out the IGT Cyber Gaming at Tampines and play to your heart’s content till 3am.

If not, you can always go for a nice cool swim in our pool which is free access for SAFRA members every day.

Now while there are many other amazing facilities in all clubhouses, your membership privileges go beyond the grounds of SAFRA!


You can head to participating F&B retail outlets like Fish & Co to get 10% off your dinner bill or the Wine Company to also get the same discount amount for food and drinks. Use your card when registering for sports courses like the classes with ADD & Parkour Academy Singapore or when purchasing new office wear at selected T.M. Lewin stores.


You can never gain too much knowledge so if you’re thinking of going back to school, check out the SAFRA Education Scheme in which we readily provide for you a range of sponsorship choices to try and apply for.


In order to keep providing for your family, you need to ensure you’re in good health too. Go for affordable regular health screenings and dental services with our Healthcare Products and Services. Be sure to get both health and wealth coverage as well with SAFRA Insurance and SAFRA Wealth Management. For legal advice, book a private session with SAFRA Legal Information Service where lawyers volunteer their time to help you in times of need for what’s best for you and family.

If you wish to sign up for membership, click here! If you haven’t heard of the SAFRA Membership Grand Draw yet, click here!

Your spouse and kids can also enjoy the abovementioned privileges with the SAFRA Family Membership Package. Click here for more details!

Check out the new SAFRA DBS card and its wonderful combination of benefits all in one!

For more membership privileges, click here!

Join our Interest Groups for even more special offers for selected SAFRA activities and promotions!

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