How to Remain Kissable on World Beard Day

How to Remain Kissable on World Beard Day

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Fancy sporting a Brad Pitt beard without appearing like a scruffy goondu? Men with beards scream manliness and rebelliousness. With World Beard Day around the corner, there is more reason to show off those stubbies. Of course, you don’t want your significant other to suffocate under your bush while smooching now do you. Here are some tips on how to remain kissable while growing that suave beard of yours.

1. Stop shaving


The first step is to stop shaving. This would present an awkward few weeks, depending on your ‘sprouting level’, where your mates aren't sure if you are pure lazy or emo-ing. Keep the doubters away by removing unwanted bristle spots with a quality trimmer or fresh blade, and just akan datang and let nature take its course.

2. Get Soft


Itching is one of the main reasons men prematurely pull the plug on beard growth, and very sharp stubble can result in abrasion on your partner’s face. Get that sensitive topic off the list by softening those whiskers with a beard wash and conditioner. Your partner your cheek and chin will thank you for it.

3. Pamper it



Just like the hair on the head, facial hair needs to be pampered to ensure it doesn't get wiry, dry and aggressive looking. Make it presentable by regularly washing and conditioning it with targeted beard products, work out the curls through regular facial exfoliation and a beard comb. Don’t be boh chup, chin up and groom it. 

4. Set boundaries


It is essential to set beard boundaries on your cheeks and neck from the start. Make sure you know where the beard ends – long sprouts make you look like a Hagrid (you know, the  one from the Harry Potter series) wannabe, set too tight and you will look like some neighbourhood ah beng with a criminal tendency. To avoid further regrets down the road, get some inspirations first before you make this crucial decision.

5. Hold it


Knowing where the beard perimeter lies is only half the battle. From there, you also need to carve things out. Fight the grizzly outbreak by committing yourself to trim off the hairs around the unwanted zone. While shaving, use a handheld mirror and shine it side-to-side to ensure balance and symmetry. Go slowly to create even lines to avoid having to gostan completely.

6. Regular upkeep


It’s simple to take care of the general bushiness of a beard with a professional trimmer and facial scissors. Make it a ritual to clip off the stragglers and comb the longer strands. Remember, girls cannot tahan an unruly beard, so keep it tidy and neat.

It takes time and effort for the ideal beard to take shape, so you must be patient and be zai on growing and maintaining your facial hair. While you’re at it, why not take a #selfie and share your fondness with other beardy bros on this coming World Beard Day, 6th September 2014?

Still not zai enough in manning your own beard yet? Lucky you. Check out the local barbers and grooming salons here.

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