Join the Global "Powerball" Phenomenon!

Join the Global "Powerball" Phenomenon!

The NSD Powerball turns you into your favourite Superhero or Olympian!

Loved how ‘The Fantastic Four’, ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Iron-man’ grabbed everyone’s attention? Transform into one of your favourite superheroes with the NSD Powerball and join a global phenomenon!

This awesome orb makes for a totally radical fun sport that is growing so fast due to its scientific gyroscope that allows you to safely handle insane amounts of inertial forces once you activate its torque-wrenching core for speed and start building up muscles of steel!

With the neon pro red, blue and green models, the faster you spin, the brighter the LED's glow until your whole hand is engulfed in an almost surreal and alien-like aura of light! Then, watch their eyes light up when you introduce your family, friends and colleagues to this innovation. Try spinning it on any bus, train or plane, if you dare!

Alternatively, if you feel shy about attracting attention, just enjoy the world spinning right under your hands in the privacy of your own home or office. To see how fast you can go, an optional speedometer gets you into its whole new world of high scores and incredible feats of strength.

Compare it amongst your local and international NSD Powerball athletes. Be warned for there is usually no turning back for enthusiasts once you get into it! This is one life-long adventure that promises tons of fun, entertainment and effective exercise at your own time and pace. Improve your personal best score or become a guru of the most unique dynamic product available in the market today. Others will adore, envy and look up to you for advice! It’s your choice!

NSD Powerball - Feel the power and force

This spell-binding shiny sphere combines exercise and fun for both guys and gals, youth and veterans, and imparts dexterity in both hands! NSD Powerball generates between one to 40 pounds of pure kinetic force in your palms, depending on the speed that you want to attain. It tones up your fingers, hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders, builds muscles, gripping endurance, ambidexterity or gently rehabilitating limbs-in- recovery with its silky-smooth silent action and no high impact forces.

Affordable fun and found hot-listed on almost all lists for popular gift ideas, this oscillating gyroscopic device satisfies five basic requirements of every guy and girl:

1. As sports training equipment for athletes and enthusiasts of various hobbies and pastimes including musicians!

2. As a professional tool for occupational staff in the uniformed groups eg, Army, Airforce, Navy, Police, Civil Defence, Prisons Services, Private Security Firms, etc.

3. The medically-recommended occupational therapy instrument to gently rehabilitate lower forearm and wrist joints affected by strain, sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury (RSI), arthritis, previous fractures, etc.

4. A revolutionary new sport to help tone your arms and shoulders or to build self defence power for ladies, and extra muscles in your arms, wrists, hands and shoulders for guys.

5. A highly addictive and fun to use high tech “geek gadget" for competitive guys and gals (can you make it to the Top 100 scoreboard?) or just for goofing off at work!

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