Rollin' with the Lobster Rolls for under $22!

Rollin' with the Lobster Rolls for under $22!

Lobster lovers, look no further! Swensen’s has recently launched two delectable lobster roll offerings for a limited period only – the Slipper Lobster Roll and the Boston Lobster Roll. Indulge in these epicurean delights as you sink your teeth into the soft buttery bun and generous chunks of oh-so-awesome, succulent lobster meat. What’s more, they’re priced at affordable rates, so basically anyone can snatch a piece of this fresh, Boston-imported crustacean, all without busting your wallet.

A short history about lobster rolls

Ever wonder who created the first lobster roll? The origins can be traced back to Perry’s, a restaurant in Milford, Connecticut. According to the Encyclopaedia of American Food and Drink, the restaurant’s owner, Harry Perry, concocted this comfort food recipe back in the 1920s. Who knew this humble ‘hot lobster meat on a soft roll drenched in butter’ can be so ubiquitously favoured, especially in the local food scene here.

This family dine-in makes the rolls a whole lot more ‘value-for-money’ without compromising on its quality. You’re basically paying a fraction for this dish. As an added plus point, did you know that this limited edition menu is Halal certified, so bring your Muslim friends and colleagues and take them on a path of satisfaction with Swensen’s lobster rolls. So folks: rejoice and dig-in!

The verdict

The Boston Lobster Roll ($21.80) includes succulent chunks of meat from one full lobster flown all the way from Boston. Lightly seasoned with honey lime, the tender lobster meat is sandwiched between fluffy grilled buns coated with butter to give you that crispy, glistening crust. It’s simply impossible to stop without taking a second bite. This dish is well-paired with Swensen’s signature U.S. fries and mesclun salad to give it a more balanced palate, and also to soften the rich buttery taste of the bun.

If you want to enjoy the same crustacean experience but don’t feel like splurging more than $20, then opt for the Slipper Lobster Roll ($16.80). Although slipper lobsters are not true lobsters per se – it’s a distant cousin of crayfish – you’ll still get the bang for buck as this dish features more than one slipper lobster meat per roll. The juicy slipper lobster meat is dressed in creamy mustard, served with mesclun salad and Swensen’s signature U.S. fries. Some may find the mustard sauce to be too creamy and may tend to overpower the flavour of the slipper lobster. Taste and texture-wise, the Boston Lobster Roll still wins hands down.

This limited edition menu is available at all Swensen’s restaurants, from 15th October to 30th November 2014. Plus, OCBC credit card holders enjoy an exclusive 15% discount for this promotion.

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