Progression: A SAFRA 45 Special

Progression: A SAFRA 45 Special

2017 is the year we celebrate SAFRA 45. To mark this special occasion and all the memories we’ve shared in the past 45 years, we'll be featuring SAFRA related trivia each month as we count down from 1972 to 2017!

In the first part of our SAFRA 45 Special, we chronicled the humble beginnings of SAFRA during the first five years. From its first temporary location at the former Norwegian's Seamen Mission Home at Prince Edward Lane to its first official club building at Toa Payoh, SAFRA has progressively strengthened its presence and sealed its place in the hearts of NSmen over the next five years.

1977: Trade Fairs and Carnivals

SAFRA Trade Fairs and Carnivals

SAFRA Trade Fairs and Carnivals

Former Minister of State for Defence, Mr Bernard Chan, officiating at the opening of the Trade Fair at Toa Payoh.

In July 1977, SAFRA decided to initiate a series of seven Trade Fairs and Carnivals to raise money for its development fund and to support its expanding activities.

SAFRA kicked off its first trade fair at Lorong 1, Toa Payoh and subsequently held trade fairs in Jurong, Woodlands, Rochor, Tanjong  Pagar and other areas.

Do you remember attending any of our trade fairs or carnivals? 


1978: The four wings of SAFRA

SAFRA marketing collaterals

Marketing collaterals with the SAFRA logo

From its inception in 1972, SAFRA had been using the MINDEF crest as its official emblem. As SAFRA attained a more distinctive character, a new logo was adopted in 1978, designed by a renowned local designer, Mr William Lee.


1979: Sharp Shooters

SAFRA Shooting Club

SAFRA Shooting Club 

SAFRA shooting club

With shooting becoming popular with SAFRA members, the SAFRA Shooting Club was then formed in 1979 through the sponsorship of the Chartered Industries of Singapore to promote shooting as a sport as well as to help upgrade the shooting skills of the reservists. The club represented the State in regional and international meets.


1980: Keeping fit as a way of life

"Whilst fulfilling the social, recreational and fitness needs of Reservist Officers and Other Ranks and their families, SAFRA must encourage them to stay in touch with one another, maintain their spirit de corps and encourage good keep-fit habits." - The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore.

SAFRA Keep Fit Club

Keeping fit is a way of life. With this in mind, SAFRA formed a Keep Fit Club in 1980 where reservists gathered thrice weekly to exercise and train their stamina.

1981: SAFRA's first Family Day

SAFRA first Family Day

SAFRA’s first family day at Mitsukoshi Garden

The first SAFRA Family Day was held at Mitsukoshi Garden in Mar 1981 to a crowd of 10,000. The event was organised to encourage reservists and their families to lead a fuller and healthier life.


We're almost reaching the 10th year anniversary of SAFRA! Stay tuned as we continue SAFRA's 45 year anniversary countdown next month with SAFRA related trivia. Don't forget to join our monthly contest and  you can easily walk away with 4 movie vouchers!

Did you or any of your family members attend our Trade Fairs and Carnivals back then? How about any of the recent SAFRA events at our clubs? Share with us your stories and pictures! We’d love to relive your most memorable experiences with you! Tell us your story on SAFRA’s Facebook Page and the 5 most heartwarming answers stand to win 4 movie tickets each! Contest ends on 7 Mar, 1159pm.

Thank you for celebrating 45 years with us. Here’s to many more fun and memorable years ahead of us!

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