SAFRA Mobile Snapathon 2013

SAFRA Mobile Snapathon 2013

Over 200 people got an early start to their Saturday by taking part in the inaugural SAFRA Mobile Snapathon competition. As the first event of its kind in Singapore, the mobile photography competition had a tinge of an adventure race event element as participants had to race their way through five different checkpoints. Divided into two different categories, Snapathon participants were either taking part as individuals or in team of four.

Flagging off at 10am, participants made their way along the scenic Boat Quay to their first checkpoint the Asian Civilisations Museum. Once there, they had to scan the unique checkpoint QR code to learn the locale’s unique mystery mobile photography theme. There was little reprieve for the contestants as they only had a short half an hour to prowl the ‘Devotion and Desire’ exhibition in search of their photographic entry. Amidst the frantic scramble, many were able to enjoy the elaborate spread of Asian iconographies and art before dashing to the Peranakan Museum.

Devoted to the Asian Civilisations Museum


Cheered on by SAFRA volunteers, Snapathon participants arrived at the Peranakan Museum in the sweltering heat. Tasked with the theme ‘Getting Married Over 12 Days’, the happy shutter bugs were bowled over by the intricate customs and traditions of a Peranakan wedding. The splendour of bright colours ensured that it was a feast for the cameras!


Feeling the love at the Peranakan Museum

Moving on to the National Museum of Singapore, Snapathon participants were lost in the grandeur of our nation’s oldest museum. As they attempted to capture an outstanding photo representation of ‘Life in Singapore’, they were able to learn more about the rich backstory behind our small little nation.


Trolling the National Museum of Singapore

By the time the photographers made their way to the Fish & Co restaurant, they had to combat the Saturday lunch time crowd in order to reel in their photographic catch. The enticing food wouldn’t have helped the starving contestants as they continued on to The Central mall at Clarke Quay. Feeling that the end is near, the photographers powered through as they experienced the ‘Riverfront Shopping’ and ‘Riverfront Dining’ that Clarke Quay offered.


Fun with Octoboy at Fish & Co!


As the judges deliberated over all the submitted entries, the assembled Snapathon participants were entertained with stage games by Power 98FM deejay, Mister Young. Finally, the nerve wrecking wait was over as the results were announced to the eager audience.

Power 98FM deejay Mister Young in action!


As the proud winners took to the stage, they were visible happy with their triumph. Many were grateful for the platform to improve their photography skills. Individual winner Ernest Quek expressed his thanks for a small taste of the photography scene. The 39 year-old amateur photographer thought that the SAFRA Mobile Snapathon was good as it enabled “an amateur to have a feel of what is it like to take photos”.

Forever 21: SAFRA Mobile Snapathon 2013 Team Winners!


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