Samsung Launches New Premium SUHD TV Lineup

Samsung Launches New Premium SUHD TV Lineup

samsung js9500 suhd tv ultra high definition uhd tv
The Samsung JS9500 SUHD TV
Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

Samsung brought sexy back with its latest line-up of premium Ultra High Definition (UHD) curved TVs this year!

The SUHD TV delivers a stunning new viewing experience for your favourite TV content. Connecting it with your smart phone is a breeze too! Every SUHD TV comes with a Smart Remote Control, where you can control the TV with a voice command or via the touch pad. Samsung also introduces their new nano-crystal technology, which offers more than just a seamless entertainment experience.

1. The SUHD TV has a sleek curved design

This cool futuristic design made its debut in the market in 2014. It definitely adds to the charming elegance of the SUHD TV, one that you might even consider putting up as wall art in your home or on its structural stand. The SUHD TV JS9000 even has a soft, textured shirring design at the back of the display.

Psst! If you’re not a fan of the curve, don’t fret! The curve feature is actually adjustable, so you can choose to have the display on curved or the traditional straight. Only the JU7000 & JU6400 series are strictly non-curved.

2. A Smart TV makes a Smart Home

Powered by Tizen, an open-sourced platform where you can access the web via TV apps, the SUHD TV opens up a whole lot more choices for your entertainment needs. Also, enjoy a fast and seamless media experience, thanks to the Octa-Core processor the SUHD TV is running on.

Samsung’s Smart Hub has a simple user interface. With the Quick Connect feature, you can also pair up selected Samsung smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This way, you can easily watch and share video content from your smartphone to the SUHD TV. It’s almost like turning your SUHD TV into a giant computer! What’s more, when you sync your Samsung mobile device with the SUHD TV, it functions as your morning alarm clock, complete with other important information displays like time, weather and your personal schedule. Just use the pre-set function for this and let your SUHD TV help give you a great start to the day!

3. It has an amazing picture quality

Packed with features like Peak Illuminator and Precision Black, images displayed on screen have never looked more beautiful in a bright room no matter how dark the scene is. What allows for such a great colour reproduction, brightness (Peak Illuminator) and contrast (Precision Black) is the SUHD TV re-mastering picture quality engine and the nano-crystal technology.

"Nano-crystal technology is actually a new semi-conductor that was developed. It has one of the highest colour clarity and light-emitting efficiency amongst all of our current displays. What is so unique about our nano-crystal technology? Very importantly, it is cadmium-free. Cadmium is actually a toxic substance that can create problems to human health, mainly softening of the bones as well as kidney failures. We do not use cadmium in the production of our TVs,” said Gavin Yeong, Marketing Manager of Audio Visual, Samsung Electronics, at the press launch.

So, if you’re looking to spice up your homes or planning for an amazing Father’s Day gift this year, you might want to consider Samsung's SUHD TV!

SUHD TV Models - Pricing Guide

TV Model Size Price Availability*
JS9500 65" $7,999 Now
78" $17,999 1 May 2015
88" To be revealed near launch date Mid May 2015
JS9000 55" $5,499 Now
65" $7,499 Now
JU7500 55" $3,999 Now
65" $5,499 Now
78" $10,999 Now
JU6600 40" $1,599 Now
48" $2,199 Now
55" $3,299 Now
65" $4,699 Now
55" $3,699 Now
65" $5,099 Now
40" $1,399 Now
48" $1,999 Now
55" $3,099 Now
65" $4,299 Now

*Availability dates are as stated in the press release given on 17 April 2015

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