Ultramen Never Walk Alone!

Ultramen Never Walk Alone!

Coined by English poet John Donne, the quote “No man is an island” perfectly surmises the spirit of teamwork needed to overcome all obstacles. In life and in sports, it is that combative camaraderie that ensures that the triumph of the human species. 

“No man is an island” in SAFRA AVventura 2014!

So when faced with a daunting 25m rope climb, adventure sport enthusiasts Yeo Kim Hong, 42 and Hairul Nazwa, 38 dug deep to collectively conquered the final challenge in SAFRA AVventura 2014. Fatigued by the harsh 50km race route, the veteran duo dug deep to ensure that their team TriAdventure stood head and shoulders above others in the Men’s Ultra category

The 25m rope climb was a tall order for all AVventura participants!

Functioning as a well-oiled unit, Yeo and Nazwa breezed through the adventure race in a mere 4 hours 48 minutes. During that time, they stood steadfast while being put through their paces. Flagging off at SAFRA Mount Faber, the strong bond forged during their extensive training saw Yeo and Nazwa ran, biked, kayaked and swam their way to the finish at SAFRA Yishun ahead of the other 56 participants. 

Together the AVventura Ultramen conquered both land and sea!

With the weather not in a particularly good mood, they were certainly not expecting the mystery challenges that AVventura’14 had in store for them. Peacocking their two –wheel prowess, Yeo and Nazwa were able to navigate the ‘One Hand Challenge’ in no time. Combining poise and speed, they managed to navigate their bikes single-handedly while relaying a cone between two checkpoints!

The ‘One Hand Challenge’ was no pedal in the park!

Despite their impressive victory, the two participants maintained that they were just satisfied to finish the race. Stating that the win was a welcomed bonus, the modest duo looked restrained as SAFRA Vice-President BG (NS) Tung Yui Fai awarded them the top honour. Their adventure embodied by the famous Rodgers and Hammerstein song You’ll Never Walk Alone, as they walked through a storm with their heads held high cause they’ll never ever walk alone!   

Our modest AVventura Ultra-men winners, Hairul Nazwa and Yeo Kim Hong!

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