EnergyOne Rules & Regulations


SAFRA EnergyOne Rules & Regulations

Person/s below 16 years of age is not allowed at the gym.
Gym users are required to adhere to rules and regulations at all times when at the gym.
Gym users shall be properly attired in sports / gyms wear when on the gym floor.
Proper sports shoes must be worn when on the gym floor. Footwear like sandals and slippers are not allowed.
Gym users are advised to wipe perspiration off the equipment with towels issued after use.
Private coaching by external instructors / trainers is strictly prohibited. Please consult trainers on duty for assistance or advice when in doubt.
Hogging of any equipment is not allowed.
Eating & drinking (except for plain water and sports beverages) are not allowed on the gym floor. Consumption or possession of illegal / banned drugs or substances is strictly prohibited.
No pets are allowed in the gym premises.
Gym users are required to park any PMD/s or E-scooter/s at designated Club’s bicycle parking area/s.
Indecent or inappropriate behaviour while in the gym premises will not be tolerated. Such behavior if encountered, must be reported to staff on duty immediately. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found behaving in such a manner.
EnergyOne is not responsible for any injury, illness or death or loss of personal belongings howsoever arising from the use of or while in the gym premises.
EnergyOne reserves the right to refuse entry into gym facilities and the right to interpret and amend these Rules & Regulations at any time without prior notification.

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