FINS Programmes

FINS Programmes

FINS curriculum focuses on efficient swimming stroke techniques with a programme structure recommended for children aged 5 and above.

Beginner Level

Provides children water safety awareness and builds confidence in the water.

Duration: 6 months


  • Water confidence
  • Basic survival floating


  • Bubbles Blowing - Inhale via Mouth, Exhale via Nose
  • Starfish Float (Front and Back)
  • Recovery to Standing Position from Floating Position
  • Streamline Flutter Kick (with Swimming Board)

Intermediate Level

Acquire new swim strokes by stages in conjunction with breathing techniques.

Duration: 12 months

To complete the FINS Intermediate programme, swimmers need to be able to swim the below strokes by 25m (half a lap) without assistance and demonstrating the correct stroke techniques.


Advanced Level

Duration: 9 months

» Focus on water survival and strokes improvement, endurance training starting from 100m to 400m.

Development / Pre-Squad

With the completion of ADVANCED Level, students are encouraged to join the DEVELOPMENT CLASS or PRE-SQUAD which enhances training on perfecting the 4 different strokes including acquiring the Butterfly stroke. The programme focuses on endurance through distance swimming; and speed through sprints and time trial.

  • Development classes are conducted weekly, lasting an hour for each session.
  • Pre-Squad classes are conducted twice weekly, lasting two hours each session.

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