Golfers' Insurance

Golfers' Insurance Plan by AIG

The Golfers' Insurance Plan provides comprehensive insurance protection at any golf courses (including driving ranges) worldwide. It offers:

  • 24-hour worldwide personal accident coverage for up to $50,000 in the event of an accident on any golf course
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses of up to $1,000 for injuries sustained whilse playing or practicing golf on any golf course or driving range
  • Reimbursement of up to $500* for club subscription fees if you are unable to play golf due to an injury sustained from an unforeseen accident or sickness
  • Coverage up to $3,000 for loss of or damage to your golfing equipment and personal effects within the premises of any golf Club or whilst in transit to and from any golf course or driving range.
  • Coverage up to $500 for accidental breakage of your golf clubs during the course of a game or regular practice on any golf course or driving range
  • Reimbursement of up to $100 for the cost of hiring replacement golfing equipment upon a loss of or damage to your golfing equipment as covered under the policy
  • Coverage up to $1,000 for the cost of hospitality (food and beverages) incurred anywhere within 30 days from your scoring of a hole-in-one
  • Coverage of up to $500,000 for losses which you are legally liable to pay for compensation in respect of accidental bodily injury to a third party or accidental loss of or damage to third party property whilst you are engaged in actual play or practice at any golf course or driving range
  • Affordable premiums starting at $0.25 a day

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SAFRA members get 10% off premiums. 

Please download the application form here. For more information, please call AIG at 6419 3028.


This plan is underwritten by AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (AIG) and is made available for the benefit of the Members of SAFRA National Service Association (SAFRA). SAFRA does not hold itself out to be an insurer, insurance broker or insurance agent. This advertisement provides product information only and does not constitute a contract of insurance.

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