Reaching the Heart of Your Child Seminar

Reaching the Heart of Your Child Seminar

Reaching the Heart of Your Child Seminar

Psychologists agree that there is an “emotional tank” that needs to be filled in every person. When this emotional tank is filled, there is a higher chance that your child will be more motivated, perform better academically and be of better character. If the tank is not filled, you will get a discouraged, disengaged and ill-disciplined child.

Most parents love their children, but may not be able to express their love in such a way that is perceived or appreciated as love by their children. Hence, tension and misunderstandings arise in the family.

Parents need to communicate in a way that their children will feel appreciated, recognised and loved, so that they can excel in life and relationships.

In this talk, the speaker will demonstrate and discuss:

  • How the emotional tank relates to your child’s performance and behaviour
  • How to fill the emotional tank of your child practically using positive strokes and love languages specifically
  • How to craft quality time activities and include quality conversations
Venue: SAFRA Toa Payoh, Seminar Room, Level 3
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2018
Time: 10am - 12pm
Fees: FREE Admission

Registration closes on Sun, 21 Oct 2018.

Be the first 25 participants to receive a $5 SAFRA Toa Payoh Club Voucher!

For more information, please contact Zhifang at

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