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SAFRA Yishun

Sat & Sun, 16 & 17 Mar 2019

Thematic Weekend: RECYCLE

Sat, 16 Mar 2019

Time Programme
10.30am - 12noon Starry Night Luminairies

$25 (SAFRA Member) | $32 (Guest)

Have many glass or plastic bottles in the house? Turn them into a starry night-theme light bottle for your space
1pm - 2.30pm Shrink Art

$25 (SAFRA Member) | $32 (Guest)

Plastics are difficult to disintegrate. Hence, upcycle and shrink them and put them to good use as key chains.
3pm - 4.30pm CD Resin Mosaic Art

$43 (SAFRA Member) 1 parent + 1 child
$49 (Guest) 1 parent + 1 child

CD-ROMS get bulky over time when they are no longer in use. Recycle and decor a tray with these CDs and turn the tray into a work of art for your kitchen or when you use to serve your guests.

Sun, 17 Mar 2019

Time Programme
10am - 12noon DIY Ocean Jar

$27 (SAFRA Member) | $34 (Guest)

Learning about the different ocean layers and how the sea creatures in each layer live and survive. Making use of recycled items to make simple sea creature to add to the ocean arts while getting the knowledge of the importance of recycling and how it can create an impact to the environment.
12.30pm - 2pm Magical Slime

$25 (SAFRA Member) | $32 (Guest)

A fun and interactive workshop where they get to discuss and decide the types of slime that they want to make.
2.30pm - 4pm Homemade Wind Chime

$25 (SAFRA Member) 1 parent + 1 child
$32 (Guest) 1 parent + 1 child

Using recycled material such as plastic bottles and tin cans to create a D.I.Y wind-chime.

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